Learn WordPress – Tutorials, Guides and Tools for Beginners

WordPress, the world’s favorite software to build websites and blogs, has a steep learning curve for some people. Luckily, there is a rich seam of resources online to help anyone, no matter what their experience, learn how to make better use of their WordPress installation. On this page, we’ve compiled a list of resources for … Read more

How to Convert a WordPress Post into a Page (and Vice Versa)

As is so often the case with WordPress, making a change to your website is really simple but doing so could have major consequences on your traffic or the way your site performs. In the case of switching a document type from Post to Page (or vice versa) you must first take into consideration the … Read more

How to Fix a Spelling Mistake in a WordPress URL

Have you spent hours creating a killer blog post to later realise there’s a spelling mistake in the URL? Me too. The big question is – what do you do about it? The first choice is to leave it alone and to forget all about it. The second choice is to fix the spelling mistake. But doing that … Read more

How to Change the Default Language on Your WordPress Website

The default language on a self-hosted WordPress website (or blog) is United States English. If you’re from the UK, for example, and prefer using words like “bin” instead of “trash” or “hi” instead of “howdy”, or you’re in another part of the world where the predominant language isn’t English, you might like to change the default language … Read more

WordPress Premium Theme Shops

When it comes to choosing a premium WordPress theme for your website, you have an abundance of options available to you. This page showcases some of the major online stores in the premium themes space and outlines their major features, offers, and terms. The list isn’t complete – new shops and studios open all the … Read more

How to Stop Search Engines Indexing Your WordPress Website

Sometimes it makes sense to block search engines from indexing your website. For example, you might buy a brand new domain name and build your WordPress website on a live server to save the hassle of moving it once it’s finished (make sense for beginners), or you might want to redesign an existing site on … Read more

WordPress Plugins Explained: A Guide for Beginners

Before we get into it, let’s answer the burning question asked by absolute beginners – “What is a WordPress plugin?” A plugin is a script or program you add to the core files to make WordPress do something it wouldn’t normally do. Okay, so now you know the basic definition of a WordPress plugin, you’re … Read more