How to Stop Search Engines Indexing Your WordPress Website

Sometimes it makes sense to block search engines from indexing your website. For example, you might buy a brand new domain name and build your WordPress website on a live server to save the hassle of moving it once it’s finished (make sense for beginners), or you might want to redesign an existing site on … Read more

8 Blog Post Formatting Tips to Increase User Engagement

Do you have a problem on your blog with user engagement? Do people land on your blog posts and click away before they’ve read the first line? If so, you might want to consider making your blog posts look more attractive. More appealing. More welcoming. After all, you’ve spent hours researching, gathering data, and finding/creating images. … Read more

WordPress Plugins Explained: A Guide for Beginners

Before we get into it, let’s answer the burning question asked by absolute beginners – “What is a WordPress plugin?” A plugin is a script or program you add to the core files to make WordPress do something it wouldn’t normally do. Okay, so now you know the basic definition of a WordPress plugin, you’re … Read more

What is a WordPress Theme?

Think of a WordPress theme as a layer over the software’s framework. The theme is the thing that gives your site its looks and some functionality (plugins add more – read what is a WordPress plugin?). If you change the theme, you change the look and feel of your site. Which is both a good … Read more

In WordPress, What’s the Difference Between Posts & Pages?

When you first start using WordPress, you may get confused by the terminology and jargon. Even for something as simple as Posts and Pages. You obviously understand the meaning of the words, but within a WordPress website, each behaves differently. After you’ve read this post, you’ll have a clear understanding of the major differences between … Read more

How to Install a WordPress Plugin

There are two ways to install a WordPress plugin without the need for additional software; from within WordPress or by uploading a .zip file from your computer. Just in case you don’t know – WordPress plugins are small scripts/programs that add extra functionality to the core system. Typically, you install free plugins through the WordPress … Read more