Learn WordPress

WordPress, the world’s favourite software to build websites and run a blog, used to be fairly easy to learn. That’s not the case anymore.

The main reason WordPress has got so hard to use is because of the new editing interface. Personally, I find it tricky to use because of the number of clicks needed to do something and because buttons and options are often hidden away.

With that said, I’ve used WordPress since 2006/7 so I remember the old system. People coming to WordPress now, with fresh eyes, may find the new system intuitive and simple to use.

Whatever stage you’re at, and whatever level of experience you have using WordPress, there are always new things to learn. And there always will be.

With that in mind, this page contains links to online resources for anyone who wants to learn WordPress.

Let’s start with the blog posts we’ve written.

Official WordPress platforms

  • Learn WordPress – The official platform for learning WordPress. You’ll find all sorts of content here aimed at people with different ability levels and who use WordPress for different purposes. There’s content for everyone from bloggers to developers to everyday users.
  • WordPress Codex – Learn about the coding side of WordPress.
  • Support Forum – This is the official community-based support forum for WordPress users. All the content here is generated by users with different levels of experience. Whenever you have a general problem, you can post a question here and you should get a response within a short period of time.
  • WordPress TV – This site contains videos from WordCamp events from around the world. There’s a lot of content mainly aimed at developers and people who run a business based around the WordPress platform such as web designers, support providers, plugin developers, theme authors etc.

Websites and blogs

  • WPBeginner – The go-to site for most new WordPress users. Mostly because of its wealth of content dating back numerous years and its high ranking in Google for many WordPress related search phrases. Whatever question you have about WordPress, you’ll almost certainly find a solution here.
  • WPExplorer – Another site crammed with WordPress tutorials, guides and product reviews.


  • LinkedIn Learning – Here you’ll find a range of video courses covering everything WordPress. The courses aren’t fee, but they are put together and presented by people who work with WordPress in a professional capacity.
  • Udemy – Another site offering lots of video courses covering all things WordPress. Prices for these courses vary widely, and you’ll often find special deals, discounts and offers available.